A three month dietary and physical program protects both the health and wellbeing of our digestive artists and the integrity of the final product.

Prior to the digestive phase of production, our artists undergo a strictly curated program of dietary preparations. A primarily plant based diet high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols is undertaken for three months before, and during, coffee cherry digestion. Daily consumption of fermented foods promotes the production of good gut bacteria, and increased fiber assists the gut's biological function including enzymatic digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is this enzymatic process that strips the protein from the coffee beans which gives our coffee its unique structural properties and predicted smooth taste. 

Dietary curation enables the digestive system to be free of toxins and other non-natural ingredients that may otherwise interfere with the symbiotic multispecies relationship naturally held between the human body and healthy gut microflora. A stimulating physical program is followed consisting of regular exercise, sleep, and relaxation to promote physical and mental wellbeing.


Coffee H. Liveart is the only conscientious luxury digested coffee in the world. 

Consumption of the coffee cherries takes place over a set period in which ample water and nutrient rich meals are also consumed. Our artists are closely observed to mitigate the risks of caffeine toxicity and its associated psychological and physical implications.

The availability of Coffee H. Liveart is premised on the agency of the artists, who freely determine the length of coffee cherry consumption. Thus, it is not guaranteed how much Coffee H. Liveart will be available per year.


Once processed through the digestive system, Coffee H. Liveart is then processed by hand. Each pre-digested coffee bean is picked from the stool upon which they are thoroughly cleaned with spring-sourced mineral water and naturally sun dried.


Given the rarity of its production and the subsequent small batch sizes, Coffee H. Liveart requires a specialist precision roastery where the batch is roasted in 50g portions. Precision roasting further guarantees the protection of each coffee bean and so safeguards our coffee’s unique structural characteristics.


The distinctive properties of Coffee H. Liveart have been scientifically proven with the aid of advanced technologies. Specifically, we have authenticated the unique structural characteristics of our human digested coffee using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), which confirmed the presence of enzymatic protein extraction. The infusion of digestive enzymes with the coffee bean leaves a maker's mark unique to Coffee H. Liveart.

More information on our scientific process can be found through the linked: scientific journal publication.


We welcome coffee professionals to register their interest in cupping via our inquiries page. Cupping will take place in 2024.