Coffee H. Liveart Platinum edition goes beyond coffee. It is the most rare, unique, and only truly consensual digested coffee in the world. Only a handful of people will have the opportunity to taste it.

Made from the finest speciality grade, hand selected Arabica coffee, Platinum edition is the first coffee created exclusively through the human alimentary canal in a process of enzymatic predigestion. Scientifically proven, Platinum is more than a coffee, it is an innovation in ethical, sustainable, one of a kind coffee production.

Sold as 20g of medium-dark roast whole beans, Platinum is presented in a limited edition oak casket, exclusively fabricated by Finnish designers. Each casket is accompanied by one platinum encased green coffee bean, a remnant of the scientific process applied to authenticate Coffee H. Liveart’s unique enzymatic creation.

Platinum is for the bold, open-minded adventurer. Our clientele are the true curators at the forefront of the world's luxury coffee culture.